Here is where you will find all of our questions and answers, if your query/concern is not listed below please contact us info@neverlandtails.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Due to the nature of COVID-19, please take into account that business days and time frames can take a little longer as production may be slow, we are a very small business and will work as quickly as we can through this hard year.



What currency do you use on your website?
Any prices online are in AUD (Australian Dollar), We do offer a currency converter in the top right corner of our website. Please check in your order form before purchasing that the currency for your country is correct so you're not receiving any surprise bills with your bank. 

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept: American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, PayPal, Shop Pay, Visa, Afterpay & Klarna.



Shipping varies from postcode to postcode, before you order please check the estimate shipping price in your cart before clicking accept.

Will there be a pick-up option?
We do not currently offer a pick-up option, all our products will be mailed to you.

How long does shipping take?
For Australians, shipping may vary depending on the product you have ordered. Our tail production time is 10-12 weeks excluding shipping rates. Depending on which option you chose; either express post or standard, will depend on the time frame that you will receive it, standard time frames usually take 5 - 7 business days, express time frames usually take 2 - 3 business days.
Any other products excluding mermaid tails and mermaid cuffs are created internationally and shipping timeframes will vary on production and location of the merchandise. All orders are sent out on a Monday morning AEST.

Shipping rates and timeframes vary greatly on international orders. Our merchandise is made internationally and will give you an estimate time frame as to when it will arrive to you in your cart along with the shipping rate. Please make sure to check your custom fees as all countries vary and may cost an extra fee.
Mermaid tails and mermaid cuffs are made in house, depending on your postcode the shipping rates may vary, always check the shipping estimate before you purchase.

Are there any customs fees?
If you are an international customer please always check your customs/policies before purchasing, Mermaid tails can be quite heavy therefor making custom fees vary in price in each country. Customs and import charges are the sole responsibility of the customer and in the rare event that the customs and charges are not taken care of, the customer is solely responsible for any additional return or re-shipping charges that accumulate as a result of a returned package and are not refundable.

Help! I've used a wrong email address how can I change it?
Please let us know as soon as possible via info@neverlandtails.com so we can cancel your order and re-process your order, make sure your information is correct at all times throughout the process order, after 24 hours of ordering and you decide to cancel your order, this will incur a 10% restocking fee.

I need my order by a certain date! How do I achieve that?
Most of our products are made-to-order items and cannot be made for a certain date or time frame to suit individuals, if you are to order a made-to-order item, please make sure you give yourself enough time and a little bit extra for shipping so your item arrives before a certain event. If you have any questions about your specific order and when it will arrive please email us info@neverlandtails.com and we can look that up for you providing you have the order number. 


What is scuba knit?
Scuba knit is a stretchy, comfy and thick material. With 95% polyester and 5% spandex it ensures a comfy fit, whilst also not being too constricting. Scuba knit is very breathable and even with vinyl inserts doesn't usually need drainage holes. 

How is scuba knit different to Lycra/Neoprene?
Scuba knit is very different from other materials that mermaid tails have been created with in the past. Lycra can be super stretchy but also very transparent, it also is not recommended from the Neverland Crew due to the fact, if a Lycra tail is ever constructed incorrectly, it can become a major danger for swimmers.  Most knock off tails are made out of cheap Lycra and are super dangerous to use so please avoid purchasing knock off products to ensure safety in the mermaid community. Neoprene is a not so stretchy fabric and very thick, though it can keep you warm in the colder seasons, it's not very forgiving with bodies and can either become too constricted or too baggy, Neoprene is also very thick so it needs to be able to let water out by using drainage holes, on the rare occasion, printed neoprene can come away from itself and cause damage to your tail. This is why we decided to use scuba knit, scuba knit is breathable so it doesn't need drainage holes but also provides warmth due to it's thickness, it is also forgiving with multiple body shapes and sizes and doesn't turn transparent when stretched out.

Are upgrades available?
Upgrades are available for some of our products like the custom orders. Our made to order season tails do not come with any upgrades as they are pre-made designs. Standard customs and Ultimate Customs come with variety of choices to upgrade your item to add additional fins etc.

My favourite tail is sold out! What can you do?
Unfortunately we are a small business that make "made-to-order" items, if a certain tail is sold out, it will not become available again until we have completed all orders of that specific tail. Please make sure to keep checking our website for any updates, join our Facebook group "The Neverland Lagoon" for early bird notifications so you can catch the next sale.

Do you sell monofins also?
We do not currently sell monofins on our website.


Do I have to keep my vinyl in my tail?
Yes, any time you are swimming your vinyl casings need to be put into your tail. your vinyl casing helps keep your monofin from slipping inside and also keeps the shape of the fluke. If you take your vinyl casing out and swim without it you are at a high risk of danger to yourself and anyone else around you. 

Will you be opening for custom orders?
We will be opening for standard custom orders and ultimate custom orders. The differences are explained below:

Standard Customs - Your design of tail on a choice of all of our fluke shapes and fin shapes. You may upgrade for more additional fins at an extra cost. All Standard customs start off at a base price of $500.

Deluxe Customs - Deluxe customs have a base price of $680 and include your custom design, custom fluke and fins and any other extras at a price through a quote ($680 + additions if you choose to have them). The reason we have to give out quotes for the deluxe custom unlike the standard custom is we have to price up how much materials cost for your unique tail. 

Please note that we can only do a certain amount of additional fins on these customs, we are able to do a maximum of three sets of additional fins, these include hips fins, dorsal fin, pectoral fins and calf fins. 


Do you have a size chart?
We have provided our up to date size chart below, but if you have any issues they are also located in each tail page through the images! Please ensure that when you measure yourself, you measure a second time also to prevent any incorrect measurements. We are not liable for incorrect measurements and if you decide to return it and get a refund, a 10% restock fee will incur. 































































What is “The Neverland Lagoon”?
The Neverland Lagoon is an exclusive Facebook group where you can meet other customers of ours, share reviews and photos of our products and get an early bird sneak peek of new items, upcoming products and more! If you would like to join please click here: The Neverland Lagoon

Does the group have free entry?
Yes! we pride ourselves on passion > payment with our products and want to share the magic with everyone in our little community, there is no fee to join the exclusive Facebook group, all you have to do is answer the group questions. 


Tell us more about your merchandise!
Our merchandise is designed uniquely by us here at the Neverland HQ and is created in the USA and many other countries! Our merchandise is a made to order product but has a quick turn around time so you will most likely get merchandise quicker than the made to order items that we create ourselves (tails, cuffs etc). If you purchase merchandise and a tail through the same order they may come as a separate package, this is because our merchandise is created in other countries and sent straight to you! so don't panic if you receive a parcel without a tail, it will be arriving shortly after!