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Spooky Loot Box - VERSION 1

Spooky Loot Box - VERSION 1

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PLEASE NOTE: All boxes are made to order and will have a three week processing time before shipping.

Delve deep into the ocean on a twilight night as you open our very first "spooky loot" mystery box! 
This box contains 12 exclusive Halloween products that will excite any dark creature, from branded items, handmade items and even items from members in the mermaid community!


What's in it?
Hold your fins! We can’t just go start telling you what’s in it, that will spoil the fun ;)

What's the best way to make sure I can get a box?
Make sure you are online and if you have a log in please sign in to be sure, the boxes will go live on the 31st August. Keep your phone nearby if you intend to use Klarna or Afterpay as you may need a verification code sent to your mobile. Also make sure to add an alarm for when the boxes become available! (8PM ACST)

I want both boxes! Gimmie gimmie!
Sure thing! We only have a “one box per customer” policy on each mystery box, so you’re more than welcome to grab one version 1 & one version 2! For a better chance at grabbing them you can open different tabs on our website and add them to your cart ASAP.

I have work during the day - what about me?
You are more than welcome to ask a family member or friend to purchase a box for you and then email us at to update the shipping address. Unfortunately we have a very limited amount of spooky loot boxes so once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Are we able to purchase Mystery Boxes on Afterpay?
You can - but be warned you may lose the box when you go to Afterpay. If you would like to use Afterpay, make sure you have your phone with you for verification and are logged into your Neverland Tails account OR have your shipping address ready to go.

What if I don't like some of the items in my Mystery Box?
If you receive your box and find something inside you don't feel you'll use we encourage selling them in our facebook group “The Neverland Lagoon”. Mystery Box items are often one-off items and who knows! Maybe another mer is looking for that specific item.

Can we use the discount codes on the mystery boxes?
Unfortunately not as the mystery boxes are already at cost (we just love creating them for you guys). 

I'm not sure, is it worth it?
We think so! The items in our Spooky Loot Boxes are often rare or never to be made again! The RRP of items in our boxes are often significantly higher than the price we sell our Mystery Boxes at - sometimes double the price!

When do the boxes ship out after purchase?
Our spooky loot boxes are prepared once an order has been put through, with the first version we create a few of the items as soon as we receive an order so they stay fresh for when it arrives to you. The second version we will need your size and for that we will then have to order your size in so we can pack it into the box :)
Because of the ordering process, your box will take roughly three weeks after ordering to be completed, but don’t panic! It’s worth it, trust us!

I've received my box - yay! Can I post about it in the group?
Now hold up just a second! We want everyone who has purchased a Spooky Loot Box to feel the excitement of opening the lid and seeing the goodies for the first time. Please wait until Josie (Sea Banshee) has given the thumbs up in the group before posting your hauls!

One box per customer.

Box Dimensions: 
345mm W x 245mm D x 125mm H

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